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Mirasys’s VMS software is one of the preferred choices to collect, store, and provide data from CCTV cameras and other related sensors to both small and large installations. Mirasys is a deep vision data company that allows customers around the world to extract maximum information from old and new cameras and sensors. The data extracted from the footage gives customers and clients the ability to improve security, optimize processes, enhance the business operation and decrease the need for human monitoring. Based in Helsinki, Finland, the company operates in over 40 countries with regional representations. The local teams cooperate with leading distributors, system integrators, security service providers, and large customers. More than 70,000 customers use Mirasys systems with over one million connected cameras. 


The Microsoft Windows based Mirasys VMS provides numerous features that allow partners and customers to easily fulfill the requirements of unique and diverse market verticals. Its scalability from stand-alone installation to networked systems with hundreds of sites enables unique possibilities. The software supports thousands of cameras in one centrally-managed environment. All cameras can be managed using a single system, regardless of the location of the cameras. The system provides a user interface that is available in 21 languages to allow more convenience for international users. 

Via integration options on all architecture levels, the VMS supports process optimisation, security, business data analyses with AI tools and seamless connection to other operation relevant sensors and systems. As a result, all collected data can be efficiently utilised to make better decisions and reduce cost. 

Boundless with extreme scalability and performance

The software allows for an unlimited number of VMS Servers, cameras, and recorders in a centrally-managed network. 

Highly modular with powerful features

Mirasys VMS software provides extensive modularity to support any user needs and requirements. Additional features with extensions and plugins generate high value through pre-integrated applications such as intelligent Video Content Analytics (VCA). 

Efficient and seamless connectivity

Over 8,000 tested camera models from all major camera manufacturers while supporting several open connection standards. The open platform architecture allows for integration of a wide variety of 3rd party systems like Access Control systems, Intruder & Fire Alarm Systems, IoT devices etc.

Quick and easy installation and configuration with high usability

Less onsite visits are needed due to centralised update processes. Configuration applications and script usage guarantee a quick deployment. Users and profiles can be synchronised via LDAP and enable endless possibilities. The intuitive user interface and customisability enhances the user experience and the administration of the system.

High reliability

The system offers rich watch-dog options to monitor, alarm and restart services or hardware components. A comprehensive failover feature guarantees automatic handover of recording tasks and even cluster configuration for high availability with parallel recording are possible. SAN/NAS storage and “TruCast” to provide live footage also when servers are failing are standard features in our software. 


Up to 50% increase in economy of use of the system through Mirasys Secure Data Distribution (Proprietary Record System).

Mirasys VMS features

Powerful Analytics 

  • Motion Detection

  • Auto Zoom/Auto Track

  • Object Classification

  • Counting 

  • Speed/Direction

  • Dwelling

  • Abandoned and Removed Object

  • Color detection

  • Heat Map 

Learn more about Mirasys latest VMS version - Spotter V9

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