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Dated 7th of May, 2018

Thank you for your interest in our company and web sites.

Mirasys Oy files information of the contact persons of the current corporate and community customers and potential customers, partners and stakeholders, information of the job-seekers and the web site users.

For certain third parties Mirasys allows the use of its brand name but Mirasys is not responsible for the web sites or online presence of these parties. They have their own Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.

This Mirasys Privacy Notice might be updated. An up-to-date version you find always from this web site.

Register name

Mirasys Oy’s customer and stakeholder register.


The purpose of the personal data processing

Mirasys Oy files information of the contact persons of the current corporate and community customers and potential customers, partners and stakeholders to create, manage and nurture customer relationships and other business relations, and enable contacting needed for providing the services. This covers among other things the next processing purposes:

  • Selling and delivering products, solutions and services

  • Developing and improving products, solutions and services

  • Offering and producing customer and support services

  • Product warranties and software maintenance services

  • Feedback surveys

  • Marketing and PR: for example, newsletters, news-sheets, communicating about new products, services and solutions, and about campaigns and events

  • Handling job applications


Additionally, data of the Mirasys web site and social media user is filed to maintain and develop the sites. To analyze the data Mirasys uses the third party’s Google Analytics (additional information: A site visitor is not identified by Mirasys until he/she fulfills and sends a contact form, newsletter request or wants to download a webinar from the site. The site user can refuse the data collection done by Google Analytics by loading to the browser an add-on from

Atlassian JIRA Service Desk system is used for support requests (additional information:

Job-seeker data and profiles we process with the help of third parties. Voluntarily provided data is saved to a database which can be used only by authorized Mirasys and third party people, and where the personal data is stored a reasonable time after the end of the recruitment.

From Mirasys sites one can find links to the sites of third parties and social media community services. Third parties’ own terms of use will be applied in their own sites. Social media services, where Mirasys social media sites are situated, can also file personal data. To these each third party’s own terms will be applied.

Data filed by Mirasys is stored as long as the customer relationship and/or relevant other connection is valid and reasonable time period after that.


Filed data

The following data may be filed:

  • Name of the person

  • Name of the company/employer

  • Contact information like email, telephone number, address and other identification data

  • Professional title

  • Territory

  • Curriculum vitae etc. data relating to applying a job

  • Information provided when fulfilling customer feedback, contact request and support request forms

  • Information about the person’s accomplished trainings the controller has organized in the class room or online, and data about possible grades if exams have been done

  • Information relating customer orders, deliveries and invoices including corporate ID

  • An online identifier when contact has been done via online services

  • Information relating to the web site usage like used browser, device, IP address, country, where the visitors come from and go on our website, and how long do they stay on our web site

  • Information related to the customers and agreements

  • Customer information related to services and products


Regular sources of the data

  • Information received via Mirasys’ own activities (like customer events, trainings, exhibitions)

  • Information received directly from the person (like ordering newsletter or other marketing material, contacting Mirasys via web services or other sources)

  • Information received via web sites and social media

  • Information received from third parties like Mirasys partners

  • Information received via using various technologies with the help of third party services (like cookies of a third party to analyze the web sites)

  • Customer satisfaction and feedback surveys
    Information from publicly accessible sources (like trade registers, third parties providing company contact information, company web sites)

  • Or when another relevant connection is created between Mirasys Oy and a data subject


Regular sharing of data with third parties

Mirasys Oy might share the data between Mirasys Group’s units, with the third party Mirasys retailers and Mirasys partners or other third parties when it supports the above listed purpose of the personal data processing to provide the relevant and complete service. Communicating with us and using our different online sites you accept the sharing of your personal data in the way discussed here.


Transfers of data outside EU or EEA

Mirasys strives to handle the data inside European Union and European Economic Area. If data is transferred outside EEA to countries, where processing the personal data differs from the EU requirements, Mirasys requires that the data is processed according to General Data Protection Regulation guidelines and with proper ways of protection.

Communicating with us and using our different online sites you accept the sharing of your personal data in the way discussed here.


Data protection

Information security and confidentiality are secured with the help of technical and organizational measures like access control, user rights, passwords and the encryption of the network traffic. Data is stored in protected servers or when the data is in manual form, it is kept in a locked place. The processing of the personal data is limited to those people who are relevant in producing the needed service.


Right of access to personal data

The data subject has the right to ask for checking his/her personal data filed in a register. This access request needs to be in a written format, and identified and signed request to be sent to Mirasys Oy.


Right to rectification or erasure

The data subject has the right to obtain the rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning him or her, to obtain the erasure of personal data, right to object the processing of his/her personal data and right to data portability from one system to another. Rectification, erasure or other request needs to be in a written format, and signed request to be sent to Mirasys Oy. It needs to be clearly stated what kind of amendment is requested by the data subject.

Objecting the processing the personal data might result in limited possibilities to utilize our services.

Personal data can be erased when it has been requested by the data subject or after the reasonable time period after the termination of the customer relationship, if we do not have a legitimate reason not to do it.  It is possible that the data is not erased immediately from all the servers and backup files.

The data subject can opt-out from the online direct marketing by following the instructions included into each message. He/she can still receive necessary customer communication needed to manage the customer relationship and producing the services.

The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


The controller and contact information

Mirasys Oy
Vaisalantie 2-8, C1CD
02130 Espoo, Finland
Telephone switchboard +358 9 2533 3300
Company ID: FI10918798

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