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Opportunities in commercial real estate for security, post-pandemic by ONVIF contributing members

ONVIF asked Mirasys for our vision about post-pandemic opportunities in commercial real estate for security. See below the comment from our Head of Marketing, Caue Castellani.

"Tailored technologies for commercial real estate corporations are what the post-pandemic scenario requires from the industry to ensure safe and healthy spaces, followed by new ways to save costs and improve efficiency. Greater turnover of people and an increase in warehouse operations are seen as realities. Crowd and flow management, reducing incidents and accidents, facilitating smart access, bolstering data privacy and the innovative use of data remain as key management assets. The adoption of “security-by-design”, involving open and independent solutions for integration with the enterprise security architecture, is a key driver to embrace these challenges. Our Mirasys VMS is ready to help commercial real estate operations leverage a safe growth path."

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