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Mirasys at Certego gala event

Mirasys' Nordic reseller partner, brought together Certego management teams and its key partners for CERTEGODAY.

Mirasys presented its latest news and features at CERTEGODAY, a gala event held in Helsinki on May 13 for Certego's Finnish and Swedish management teams. Mirasys VMS Spotter V9, Easy LPR, Person Search, Spotter Web, and other features were shown at the event.

Photo 1: Erich Kusuki, CEO of Mirasys, and Mika Vienola, Nordics Sales Manager, at CERTEGODAY Finland.

Photo 2: Mirasys VMS presentation to Certego management teams from Finland and Sweden.

Photo 3: Matti Tienssu, Mirasys Growth Manager, and Mika Vienola, Nordic Sales Manager, at Certego's gala event.


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