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Mirasys & FAST Systems "Intelligent and Centralised Security Management"

Mirasys and FAST Systems provide a joint solution that features intelligent and centralised technology for the safety of cities and places.

The Security Market faces many challenges in monitoring and managing an entire security operation, especially when it comes to multiple sites or large-scale perimeters. Various security systems are involved for efficient situation awareness and incident management. There are multiples data sources and platforms to use and manage. Besides to the need to train and update security operators to use these different systems.

Mirasys & FAST Systems joint solution ensures improved situation response times for any safety and security solution by offering greater efficiency and major cost savings.

Main highlights

- Centralised system easy to install, configure and maintain

- Over 8,000 compatible camera models with native driver support + standards like Onvif, PSIA, RTSP

- Scalable platform from a compact version on a single server to a complex, worldwide distributed solution on multiple servers

- Wide integrations to 3rd party systems: POS, Access Control, Fire / Security Alarm, Perimeter Security and, other solutions

Check out Mirasys & FAST Systems joint brochure

Mirasys & Fast Systems joint brochure - SEPT 2021
Download PDF • 1.35MB

Watch Mirasys & FAST Systems webinar video

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