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See how thermal cameras and VMS can help identify people with symptoms of the new virus.

The concern around the Coronavirus outbreak, the new virus named by the World Health Organization (WHO) after it appeared in Wuhan, China, in late 2019, is putting all world on alert, working to understand, track and contain the virus.

With symptoms similar to those of a strong flu, the world is looking for better ways to prevent and contain the spread of coronavirus infections. In the field of CCTV and video surveillance, there are high precision thermal cameras that can help in this prevention by detecting bodies with high temperature that can indicate a sign of fever, one of the symptoms of the coronavirus.

The Mirasys Video Management System is an open platform integrated with several of those thermal cameras, allowing sites with a large flow of people to identify individuals with symptoms of fever, working as a complementary tool to detect infected people and may contain the spread of the virus.

Through a real-time visual map of skin temperatures, this solution can be an indispensable tool in the detection of elevated body temperatures and fevers in high-risk groups such as travellers, students, miners, factory and office workers. An alarm can be set to be triggered when identifying a temperature higher than usual. This feature enables an operator to analyze the situation immediately and indicate the person identified for medical examination on-site, for example. This can be a valuable and non-invasive solution for crowded centres such as airports, terminals, industries and companies facilities.

Mirasys Video Management System can be integrated with thermal cameras.

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