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Mirasys Support

Mirasys provide support site for partners and distributors. Site can be found on address and


Partner or distributor can use site to create support ticket related Mirasys products. If partner or distributor needs instant help we also provide support phone which number is +358 600 12335. Phone call costs € 2.95 per minute (+ local call charge).


Support is open Monday to Friday 8.00 - 16.00 GMT+2.

Mirasys VMS Software

Partner or distributor can download latest VMS version from Mirasys Extranet

IP Cameras Drivers

Mirasys maintains a set of IP capture drivers outside of the core Mirasys VMS software releases. These drivers provide the mechanism to connect IP cameras and video servers (encoders) into the Mirasys VMS environment. Mirasys does its best to maintain both backwards and forwards compatibility of the drivers with the core Mirasys VMS software releases, but can not commit to always being able to achieve this. Hence, the committed list of IP cameras that can be connected to the Mirasys VMS software is the latest official “Mirasys VMS – Supported IP Cameras List” document valid at the time of purchase of the Mirasys VMS software. This document can be found from the Mirasys Partner Web (Extranet) and public Web pages. The document also lists the validated firmware version of the camera that is supported as well as other relevant details.


Mirasys also supports open standards for IP camera connectivity – ONVIF, PSIA, RTSP and HTTP streaming. However, as implementation of these standards varies between different camera manufacturers, Mirasys is unable to guarantee interoperability without performing proper interoperability testing (IOT) with the specific cameras. Cameras that have undergone the IOT testing are also included in the official “Mirasys VMS – Supported IP Cameras List” document, ensuring this list is the only official source of information of which cameras/ video servers are supported.


Partner or distributor can download latest VMS version from Mirasys Extranet

Other drivers

The Mirasys VMS software distribution may include additional drivers and plug-in modules.


Only those drivers that are included in the distribution package of a particular Mirasys VMS release, are supported in conjunction with that specific release. From time-to-time, Mirasys may remove old or introduce new drivers to the package, in which case support for removed old drivers with the new software release is no longer available.

Operating System and Other System Software Versions

Each version of the Mirasys VMS software is tested and supported on a specific set of Windows operating systems. Please refer always to the Installation Guide of your specific Mirasys VMS software release, to check the supported operating system and other system software module versions. Many of the system software modules (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server Express database, .NET Framework modules, etc.) are included in the full distribution package so you can install the supported versions from there.


Currently supported Windows operating system versions:

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 11

  • Windows 2012 Server R2

  • Windows 2016 Server

  • Windows 2019 Server

  • Windows 2022 Server

Gateway, SDK and Spotter Mobile Applications

The Gateway software component in Mirasys VMS provides web- and mobile clients applications access to the Mirasys VMS environment.


Mirasys also provides an SDK (Software Development Kit) for qualified developers or integrators to integrate Mirasys VMS functionality into their solutions. The Gateway, including the WebClient application, and the Gateway SDK are made available from each core VMS software release. Spotter Mobile applications are versioned separately.


As a general rule, compatibility between the Gateway SDK, Gateway and the core Mirasys VMS release is maintained on major version level. Applications built using the Gateway SDK, example V9.X work with any V9.X version of the Gateway. The Gateway can not be of a higher version level than the Master Server of the system.


In addition to the Gateway SDK, Mirasys has introduced also a client side SDK, namely the Spotter Plugin SDK. The Spotter Plugin SDK will allow a flexible way to enhance Spotter functionality and add application specific logic into the Spotter user interface.

The Gateway SDK, the Spotter SDK and other possible SDKs are distributed according to a separate agreement only.

3rd Party integrations

Mirasys VMS also support 3rd party integrations. For these products main support contact is 3rd party integrator.

Hardware warranty


Mirasys provide standard 3 years manufacturer warranty for all machines bought from Mirasys.  The warranty can be upgradable to 5 years at cost.  For any support required you can contact Mirasys Support team.

  • 5 years next business days warranty

  • 5 years keep your hard drive



The contents of this document are provided “as is”, and Mirasys Ltd reserves the right to modify this document as necessary and without prior notice. Any products, services, or features discussed in this document are subject to change by Mirasys Ltd. or a third party when applicable. Mirasys Ltd does not guarantee the availability of all products, services, or features.


© Mirasys Ltd. All rights reserved.


No part of this document may be reproduced for any purpose, even in part, without an explicit permission from Mirasys Ltd.

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