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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The new Mirasys VCA's Occupancy Dashboard helps to manage the traffic flow within the established location and apply safety rules for local occupation.

With the new occupancy dashboard of Mirasys VCA you can measure occupancy in real-time.

- Control the number of people entering and exiting

- Get in real-time the total number of occupants

Improve the customer experience by providing a safe environment.

- Inform up-to-date occupancy situation to your visitors

- Personalise your display message

- Respect the public's privacy (no face identification or face recognition data storage)

Secure your business with Mirasys open platform VMS.

- Open integration to all types of cameras and third-party sensors

- Set up your own occupancy rules

- Reduce costs and enhance your security

- Optimize your ROI

Shop occupancy dashboard
The Occupancy Dashboard

More features

  • Based on Mirasys VCA with counting lines (since v6, all existing VCA licenses can be used)

  • Multi entrance and exit support

  • Works on the browser of smart TVs in kiosk mode (no PC required for displaying the information)

  • The report is based on open source Grafana reporting (free of charge)

  • Free configurable threshold, colours, text and display layout

  • Counting reset/adjustment automatically or via Mirasys Spotter


If you are interested in finding out more about Mirasys solutions get in touch with a Mirasys expert –

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