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Join Mirasys team in a live webinar to know how the new Mirasys Spotter V9 comes to disrupt the video management system market.

On September 22nd at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2), 11:00 EEST (UTC+3), Mirasys hosts the webinar "VMS Spotter V9". Mirasys Head of Sales - Dominique Debusschere and Mirasys International Sales - Michael Schuh, will be the presenters to go through the video management system version 9, its features and product models.

Reinforcing Mirasys positioning as a deep vision data company, Spotter V9 provides the best VMS solution according to the project needs, including for all Enterprise Plus channels Video Content Analytics (VCA).

Gather, store and manage data from CCTV cameras and third-party sensors with Mirasys Spotter V9! Our powerful VMS allows clients, within needs, to improve security, optimize processes, enhance business operation and decrease the need for human monitoring.

Get to know all the VMS features and its different product models.

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