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Mirasys releases VMS Spotter version 9.3. Check out the latest news and updates for the new version of Mirasys Video Management System.

Major news in Mirasys VMS 9.3

  • Improve your professional incident management process with new features for export and export management:

- Storage Locker plugin (optional per user): Manage exported Storyboard material saved on external storage devices for further processing. The solution includes access management and the history of all activities.

- Incident Reports plugin (optional per user): Generate and export a professional incident report in PDF format to provide to authorities and managers. The solution includes access management and the history of all activities.

  • Secured integration capabilities with certificate usage and HTTPS encryption for integrations and LDAPS.

  • Strong performance improvement by cache management for disc access up to 40%.

  • RTSP stream from VMS for VCA channels to external 3rd part system for integrations. Sending one-way streams to external clients.

  • Onvif Profile-T support (see Onvif Profile T mandatory feature definition).

See below further details about new Mirasys VMS 9.3 !

New Features in V9.3

Incident Reporting Plugin (optional per user)

Open the Incident Reporting from the device tree

Adding an Incident Report

  • Click Add Incident Report

  • Select all necessary Incident Report details.

  • Department and Incident location fields are predefined by the administrator.

  • Click Save to finalize the creation

Editing an Incident Report

  • Select Incident Report from the list

  • Click Edit

Adding evidence to the Incident Report

  • You can add images, video clips and camera audit reports as evidence.

  • Click Add evidence

  • Click Search and select the evidence from the list

  • Click Add

  • When you have added evidence to the Incident Report, you can add notes to it.

  • Double-click the Notes field and type needed information.

  • Click Save to finalize.

Exporting the Incident Report

  • Select Incident Report or Daily Report from the list

  • Click Export

  • Select the location

  • Click Export

Storage Locker Plugin (optional)

Open the Storage Locker from the device tree

Storage locker plugin can be used to

  • Search stored items

  • Open selected picture, video clip or PDF file for viewing

  • Save selected picture, video clip or PDF file to disk

  • Delete selected storage locker item

  • Edit selected item's name and description

Searching the Storage Locker content

  • Click Search

  1. You can enter the Incident number

  2. Start searching by clicking Search

  3. Open: Open image, video clip or daily log

  4. Save: Export content to the needed location

  5. Delete: Delete the content

  6. You can also change the name

  7. Add a description

  8. From the History area, you can see audit trail history

  9. Click Save from the lower-left corner to finalize changes

RTSP stream for cameras configured as VCA

Cameras configures in VCA settings can now be enabled to provide an RTSP stream incuding VCA annotation and image overlays. This stream can be configures as additional camera with RTSP driver to have both, clear stream and annotated stream recorded or available via Spotter or Gateway SDK.

Configurable database connection string

The databases DvmsData, WdContext, DvmReportContext, IncidentReporting, StorageLocker and RecorderDB can now be configured with individua connection strings. This enables outsourcing the database to any external MS SQL server.

Other minor changes

  • Optimize settings for restore and failover

  • Encrypted Gateway SDK communication

  • HTTPS support in Spotter Public HTTP API

  • LDAPS support

  • ​​Export to MP4 format

  • Optimize file system

Changelog V9.3 - 2021/5/7

  • WatchDog: Allow restart of hardware components

  • Export MAC, serial number and HWGUID into one file

  • Include alarm triggers into alarm display

  • Additional user role for archive viewing

  • UI improvement for setting change in System Manager

  • License improvement for VCA settings

  • Database index for metadata event time

  • Fix: End User License Agreement read-only mode

  • Fix: Gateway users logout

  • Fix: Postponed failover

  • Fix: Joystick PTZ enable button for already open PTZ cameras

  • Fix: Privacy user role settings tab level set/clear all buttons

  • Fix: "Camera highlight" with multiple Audio channels

  • Fix: 1x1 default grid

  • Fix: Export dialogue in spotter settings

  • Fix: Saving new tab content speed increase

  • Fix: Axis joystick driver loading in Spotter log

  • Fix: Spotter automatic lock when the System management server is unreachable

  • Fix: Corrected motion mask tool size

  • Fix: Camera highlight in profile map with PTZ control

  • Fix: Ribbon menu position

  • Fix: Export Image popup

  • Fix: UI for Automatic lock

  • Fix: Failover recorder improvement after the failed recorder

  • Fix: Closing PTZ control when playback is started

  • Fix: Export Image message

  • Fix: Commands included when importing maps from one profile to another

  • Fix: Spotter exit

  • Fix: Closing VCA settings

  • Fix: ArchiveSDK exporting improvements

  • Fix: IO device details loading

  • Fix: AVI and MKV support for H.265 export

  • Fix: Version information in logs

  • Fix: Copy player option with storage locker

  • Fix: Export log and SMS log data

  • Fix: Alarm retention time setting

  • Fix: “disable Alarms” action handling

  • Fix: Add to Storyboard only when licensed

  • Fix: 64 streams limit for storyboard

  • Fix: Reduced metadata saved to the database

  • Fix: Spotter default export settings​

  • Other and cosmetic changes

Important Notes

  • Mirasys VMS V9 is only available as a 64-bit version! A V9 Master Server (Management Server) can handle 32-bit V6 and V7 networked servers, as well as 64-bit V7, V8 and V9 servers.

  • Mirasys VMS V7.3 and later releases require Microsoft SQL Server Express or SQL Server Standard (or better) version 2014, when installing the system Master Server, or if the network VMS Servers use Mirasys VCA. Please note also that SQL Server 2014 requires .NET 3.5. And on Windows versions after Windows 7, .NET 3.5 must be turned on (enabled) in Control Panel as a Windows feature (not installed with a separate .NET 3.5 installer)!

  • The "Full" Installer will automatically install the SQL Server Express 2014, or upgrade an earlier SQL installation to 2014 on 64-bit systems. A 32-bit (x86) SQL Server Express 2008 version will not be upgraded to the 64-bit (x64) SQL Server Express 2014. Update SQL manually before updating from an old 32-bit V7 to the latest 64-bit version!

  • The old "Spotter Mobile" does not support Apple iOS 11, or later versions, on Apple iPhone or iPad devices. Use the newer "Spotter Seven", instead (requires Mirasys VMS V7, or later).

  • V9 VCA is not supported in virtual environments

  • Mirasys VMS V7 End-of-Life date is 31st of March 2021

Supported OS

  • Windows 2012 Server R2

  • Windows 10 IOT/Pro

  • Windows Server 2016

  • Windows Server 2019​

Notes on Upgrading to V9

All earlier versions can be upgraded to V9. New version types Base, Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus will help to reach different market segments. Version 9 also contain a new user interface for the VCA configuration inside the System Manager. Most VCA settings from V7 or V8 to V9 will be automatically converted but have to be reviewed.

Learn more about the new features or download the new version directly on the Extranet. Any doubt, please contact Mirasys Technical Support.

If you are interested in acquiring Mirasys solutions, get in touch with a Mirasys expert:

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