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Mirasys releases the latest version of its video management system. The VMS 8.3.6 comes with new features and under-the-hood improvements. 

Seeking continuous improvement of its software to offer the best VMS solution on the market, Mirasys launched on Monday the latest version of its video management system, the V8.3.6.

The new version embraces the features of earlier Mirasys versions – data storage, flexible user interfaces, the possibility for end-to-end data encryption, wide camera support, camera health audit, watchdog event search, centralized and shareable joystick configurations, zoomable profile map, password protection for exports, and improvements in storyboards.

In addition to improving the VMS Spotter and the System manager see below the main new features released with the new version.


  • Distinct VMS models available: Enterprise and Pro.

  • 2-factor authentication: more security in user identification.

  • Separate user permissions for system management: possibility to break up the “User admin” and the “Maintenance admin” for situations such as large systems with separate personnel and different responsibilities, or subcontractors working with hardware maintenance.

  • Three new algorithms for alarm popup monitor selection supported under the alarm settings.

  • Colour inverter filter to Spotter – B&W and colour.

  • New Intel Media SDK based allow using the Intel processors’ in-built GPU to get additional performance to your system.

Check out more about 2-factor authentication

Check out more about Separate user permissions for system management

Learn more about the new features or download the new version directly on the Extranet. Any doubt, please contact Mirasys Technical Support.

If you are interested in acquiring Mirasys solutions, get in touch with a Mirasys expert:


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