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Mirasys strengthens its operation with news in the Product, R&D and Growth teams

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Finnish VMS software company announces the hiring of four new professionals

Espoo, March 2022 – Mirasys, one of the leading suppliers of open-platform Video Management Systems (VMS), announced the hiring of four new talents to join its team in the Product, R&D and Growth departments.

Hired as Senior Product Manager, Toni Mikkilä will lead the Mirasys VMS product team working directly on software management and its innovation plan. Reinforcing the company's growth strategy, Matti Tiensuu takes on the new role of Growth Manager. In the R&D department, two new talents, both as Software Engineer: Diana Oguren, specialised in Cloud Solutions, and, Tung Nguyen, dedicated to Cyber Security.

These new additions to the team are part of the company's plan to renew and expand its operations, which seeks to regain its presence in the Nordic markets in addition to growing globally.

Senior Product Manager - Toni Mikkilä

Toni Mikkikä has been working for the security and IT industries in product management roles for 20 years. Experienced product manager, Toni returns to Mirasys after 8 years.

Growth Manager - Matti Tiensuu

Matti Tiensuu has 15 years of experience in the security industry, working in business growth roles for several companies in the market.

Software Engineer - Diana Oguren

Graduated in Computer Security and Information Systems, with a specialization in Cyber Security, Diana Ogure is the new software engineer at Mirasys.

Software Engineer - Tung Nguyen

Graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, specializing in Cloud Solutions, Tung Nguyen is the new software engineer at Mirasys.

“As a growing global company, we need new leaders and talents who can support our innovation strategy to drive us forward,” says Erich Kusuki, CEO of Mirasys. “We are pleased to announce these great new professionals on the team who will work alongside this forward-thinking strategy for our product that strengthens our approach and empowers our software solution to excel.”

Mirasys is planning to recruit new collaborators. If you have experience in software engineering or service desk and customer support work, love being part of an international and multilingual organisation, send us an application to:


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