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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Seeking continuous improvement of Mirasys software versions to offer the best VMS solution on the market, Mirasys releases the VMS 9.2. Here is what is new in Mirasys VMS V9.

New Features in V9.2

PTZ camera groups for all home position

In Spotter there is possibility to run all profile PTZ cameras to home if user has the Spotter user role. This operation can be done from UI (Devices ribbon), shortcut and from input device.

Bookmark improvements

User rights

Following new user Spotter roles were added:

  • Possibility to run all current profile dome cameras to their home positions (if camera dome profile setting flag: IsDomeTakeControlAllowed,​​ is set).

  • Role can set in Spotter roles > Devices > Dome cameras. Default value is false.

  • New bookmarks editing and managing roles:

Bookmarks handling improvements

Password protect

When saving shared bookmark, password protection is possible to add in bookmark.

When opening for viewing shared, password protected, bookmark first time under session (or after settings changed refresh) password is asked.

Multi select for bookmarks

It is now possible to select multiple bookmarks for operations.

Add bookmark to storyboard

Bookmarks can now easy be exported to a Storyboard.

Add or exclude bookmarks from export

By default bookmarks are included in exported clips.

Clip reuse in Storyboard

It is possible to import media clips to storyboard:

  • Supported media file formats are: .sef, .sef2, .esef

  • If imported media file is password protected, then password is asked during import.

  • Imported media clips are added to the end of storyboard, and storyboard description is replaced with the imported storyboard clip description (if it is not empty).

  • Bookmarks are imported too from the media clip

  • Imported media clips can be edited in storyboard, and exported to a new storyboard clip.

  • Imported media clips are included also in storyboard draft files.

  • Storyboard preview window can show also imported clips. Storyboard cannot be edited while the preview window is open.

Spotter person search plugin (optional)

Description There are three modes:

  1. Playback mode: all persons are detected (this is the default mode).

  2. Person search mode: the selected person is searched from played videos.

  3. All persons search mode: search all persons, try to display same person only once.


Found persons are shown in a thumbnail list. There are separate lists for all persons and selected person search results.

  • Thumbnail mouse click (or Enter key) shows the thumbnail location in video.

  • Thumbnail mouse double click opens the thumbnail video playback in new tab.

Known limitations Current version does not allow using other plugins with the person search plugin. This means that following features are unavailable:

  • Zooming

  • Auto crop

  • 360 image de-warping

VCA engine update

Find full documentation in our V9.2 - VCA Installation and Configuration Guide.

V9.2 has an update VCA engine. It is strongly recommended to perform a settings backup before the update and restore the backup after the update. In rare cases we experienced VCA license problems. Please contact support for further information.

Alarm, audit trail and watchdog event database retention times

It is now possible to configure the retention time of the events in the alarm, audit trail and watchdog database. This can be configured in the MS SQL Management Studio which is available on your system.

V7 file system support

DVMS V9 has new file system format that is incompatible with V7, but to make it easier for customers V8310 and later versions have an option to work with V7 file system support.

DVMS installer

Filesystem support selection is done during DVMS install in this dialog.

  1. Use File System V7 or older - old storage will be used in V7 format without any changes to its structure, all calls to V7 file system will be passed over new API -> old API wrapper. All previously recorded data (video, audio, text, alarms etc.) will be accessible after DVMS update.

  2. Use File System V8/V9 and remove old data - old storage will be erased and will be formatted to new File System format, all previously recorded data will be lost.

  3. Use File System​ V8/V9 and leave old data - old storage will be leaved as is, but DVMS will be configured to use new File System format. This is useful if there is some additional disk that can be used for new data and there is some need to keep old storage for some time to access previously recorded data. Previous data can be opened as archive in Spotter, installer will create archive information if this option will be selected in installer.

Notes for installer option 3 (Use File System V8/V9 and leave old data)

If there were several disks used in DVMS V7 then each disk will be opened as separate archive in V8 or later after DVMS update. DVMS V7 has recording mechanism similar to RAID 0 (stripe recording) but in this case it writes 1st second to one disk, 2nd - to another, so as a result if each disk is opened separately it will have a gaps in places where those data is written to another disk.

If text channels are used in V7 then to generate archive information correctly DVMS V8 or later should be installed on top of V7 (without V7 uninstall). If V7 will be uninstalled first - text channel event names and search tags information will not be written to archive information file. Also if V7 will be removed with "Remove settings" checkbox set then also channel names, manufacturer and other information will be lost, so archive information will be generic (like Camera 1, Audio 1 etc.)​

Notes for alarm database

​If V7 is updated to V8 then alarm database is recommended to be removed, so option "Yes" should be set to this installer dialog.

If the SMServer alarm database is not updated, old alarm entries will remain in the alarm database in SMServer, but the alarm material stored in recorder side is not available.

It is anyway highly recommended to update the alarm DB when upgrading to V8/V9.


​DVMS with V7 file system support has those limitations:

  1. Can't launch several archiving processes at the same time, so if timed archive was launched - manual archive will fail until first process will be finished.

  2. If disk connection will be lost or disk will be unplugged and plugged again - it will not be recovered back until DVRServer restart.

  3. Future file system features will not be supported

Support for Axis joystick jog wheel and keyboard

Axis device driver supports AXIS T8311 Joystick, AXIS T8312 Keypad and AXIS T8313 Jogdial.

Online help link to Spotter and System Manager help

DVMS applications have link to online help to Mirasys documentation and training platform.

Other minor changes

  • Better visualisation for selected camera

  • Better visualisation of bookmarks

  • Support for 1x1 fixed grid

  • Support for longer auto log off and lock times

  • Support for larger AVM setup (12x6 Display Servers)

  • Windows event logs included in the log export

Changelog V9.2 - 2021/03/31

  • Optimisations to failover and setting restore

  • Optimisations to VMS server thread usage

  • Optimisations and fixes to AVM usage

  • Fix: Motion search plugin improvement

  • Fix: Alarm email image generation

  • Fix: Spotter bookmark edit don't work correctly if DirectX drawing is used

  • Fix: Gateway image decoding issues

  • Fix: Support for all codecs in Gateway

  • Fix: Gateway playback skips images

  • Fix: Alarms not found from old master alarm database

  • Fix: Export user roles not set correctly in System Manager

  • Fix: Several fixes to Spotter layout loading

  • Fix: Old capture card settings handling in System Manager

  • Fix: PTZ tour as home position stops after few minutes

  • Fix: VCA tampering event sent multiple times

  • Fix: Continuous recording causes 100% CPU load

  • Fix: Spotter crash when switching user

  • Fix: System Manager crash when saving storage settings

  • Fix: Joystick default setups works only in English Windows

  • Fix: Alarm popup works incorrectly with alarms that lasts only short time

  • Fix: Spotter crash when saving Spotter settings

  • Fix: Spotter stuck when closing Spotter window

  • Fix: Spotter map images are updated only after Spotter restart

  • Fix: Several optimisations and fixes to Spotter camera carousel plugin

  • Fix: Spotter crash when closing camera audit plugin

  • Fix: Several fixes to small Spotter memory leaks

  • Fix: Get tab content failed from Spotter Pubic Web API

  • Fix: Old pre-recoding footage not removed correctly

  • Fix: Cannot use digital output in Spotter grid

  • Fix: Edge storage not working correctly

  • Fix: Long prerecording not working for megapixel cameras

  • Fix: Spotter crash on story board draft save

  • Fix: Error loading VMS server settings System Manager

  • Fix: Creating bookmark from alarm in Spotter does not work correctly

  • New Hikvision driver

  • New Bosch driver

  • New Wisenet driver

  • New Mobotix driver

  • New Universal Data Driver

  • Other minor and cosmetic changes

Important Notes

  • Mirasys VMS V9 is only available as a 64-bit version! A V9 Master Server (Management Server) can handle 32-bit V6 and V7 networked servers, as well as 64-bit V7, V8 and V9 servers.

  • Mirasys VMS V7.3 and later releases require Microsoft SQL Server Express or SQL Server Standard (or better) version 2014, when installing the system Master Server, or if the network VMS Servers use Mirasys VCA. Please note also that SQL Server 2014 requires .NET 3.5. And on Windows versions after Windows 7, .NET 3.5 must be turned on (enabled) in Control Panel as a Windows feature (not installed with a separate .NET 3.5 installer)!

  • The "Full" Installer will automatically install the SQL Server Express 2014, or upgrade an earlier SQL installation to 2014 on 64-bit systems. A 32-bit (x86) SQL Server Express 2008 version will not be upgraded to the 64-bit (x64) SQL Server Express 2014. Update SQL manually before updating from an old 32-bit V7 to the latest 64-bit version!

  • The old "Spotter Mobile" does not support Apple iOS 11, or later versions, on Apple iPhone or iPad devices. Use the newer "Spotter Seven", instead (requires Mirasys VMS V7, or later).

  • V9.2 has an update VCA engine. It is strongly recommended to perform a settings backup before the update and restore the backup after the update. In rare cases we experienced VCA license problems. Please contact support for further information.

  • V9 VCA is not supported in virtual environments.

  • Mirasys VMS V7 End-of-Life date is 31st of March 2021.

Supported OS

  • Windows 2012 Server R2

  • Windows 10 IOT/Pro

  • Windows Server 2016

  • Windows Server 2019​

Notes on Upgrading to V9

All earlier versions can be upgraded to V9. New version types Base, Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus will help to reach different market segments. The version 9 will also contain a new user interface for the VCA configuration inside the System Manager. Most VCA settings from V7 or V8 to V9 will be automatically converted but have to be reviewed.

Learn more about the new features or download the new version directly on the Extranet. Any doubt, please contact Mirasys Technical Support.

If you are interested in acquiring Mirasys solutions, get in touch with a Mirasys expert:


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