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Mirasys: Setting Gold Standards In Video Surveillance

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Mirasys India is nominated Company of the Year in 2020 by CIO Review India.

Over the last decade, video surveillance systems have become an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT). These I recent and cutting edge IP-based surveillance systems protect industrial facilities, railways, unmanned pipelines & refineries, and even one’s own home. Like other IoT systems, there are inherent security risks which may lead to significant violations of a user’s privacy. Established in 1997, Mirasys offers globally renowned Video Management Solutions for IP and analog camera surveillance applications. Mirasys solutions help organisations manage and utilize information captured by digital video and CCTV cameras.

The goal for Mirasys, is to provide clients with the most versatile, yet easy to use IP-based security solutions. This VMS provider is known for integrating building management, access control, Fire Alarm System and ITMS solutions into a unified platform. For over 20 years, Mirasys has developed and supplied solutions to offer a safe and more secure environment to its clients in more than 40 countries.

After becoming a successful player in the European Banking segment by becoming the only approved banking solution provider in Finland, Mirasys forayed into the Indian market in 2010 with partners like Tata Nelco and Wipro. Consequently, Mirasys was able to serve almost 60 percent of the market share in the Indian Railways by supplying more than 20,000 licences.

Beyond the Benchmarks of Quality

Mirasys’ video management software helps organizations to improve their security, optimize the processes and decrease the need of human monitoring in their business operation. Most importantly, Mirasys’ user experience has earned tremendous respect and appreciation. While the Certificate Policy for India PKI by Ministry of Communication and IT defines the requirement of minimum encryption SHA of 256 and a cryptographic functional of 2048 Bit RSA, Mirasys offers an SHA of 512 and 4096 Bit RSA. That’s the highest in the industry! Mirasys offers a 360 degree encryption.

This implies that the feed from camera to server, server to server communication, and from server to client, the video and the data is encrypted throughout. So much so, that even the video to be exported is encrypted. Moreover, given the rising precautionary measures taken by organizations to abide by the GDPR norms, Mirasys included an additional GDPR feature in every VMS the firm provides. The feature allows the user to blur the face and/or object anytime in the video without closing the feed. As a frontend for all VMS, Spotter V9 is Mirasys’ champion video management platform that not just integrates all surveillance IoT devices, but also brings together a plethora of functionalities on a single dashboard.

The Open modularity aspect of Mirasys’ solutions set the company class apart. Each server can act independently, or as a part of a network of any kind, controlled by a Master server – or do both at once. Every Mirasys solutionis inherently modular. One can add, remove, split and evolve the system freely, without artificial hindrances; or if required, can simultaneously use the system in any possible combinations of Mirasys servers. Also, in order to optimize the entire process, Mirasys facilitates an in-built video analytics engine in the VMS that runs irrespective of the hardware or server the software is running on. This in turn, reduces the server requirement thereby giving the use high RoI and low TCO.

Mirasys Finland and Mirasys India have signed up an agreement towards the Make in India initiatives. Specific to the Indian markets, Mirasys is brining extensive customization to the VMS with AI centric functionalities. The AI powered VMS is built for the dedicated Indian scenario. The AI based video analytics has almost 40 used cases specific to smart & safe cities, transportation (airports & railways), manufacturing units, and Oil, Gas & Power.

"Mirasys is headed with a strong focus on playing a key role in the Make in India initiative via Smart City and Safe City contributions"

Today, Mirasys solutions are deployed in various verticals such as law enforcement, city surveillance, retail store chains and outlets, oil and gas, manufacturing, transport, logistics, educational institutes, sports, entertainment, banking, utility and healthcare, and other sectors. In India, Mirasys’ customized solutions have been deployed in 10 smart cities and 8 zones of the Indian Railways. The most recent, prestigious Ram Janm Bhumi as well as Atal Tunnel project is served by Mirasys’ solutions. For the Kanpur Smart City project, Mirasys deployed end-to-end rapid video management solutions with AI analytics and other AI based features. Approximately 15 use cases were deployed by Mirasys in Kanpur Smart city.

Mirasys India is a fastest growing company in India with expanding client base. The company has grown in multitude of dimensions across all verticals and currently is a leading player in VMS and AI based Video Analytics in India. The firm has established a cutting edge R&D capability, that serves the global product development, as well as Indian customized & integrated product needs. An ISO 9001:27001 certified firm with CMM level 3 badge, Mirasys is headed with a strong focus on playing a key role in the Make in India initiative via Smart City and Safe City contributions. “We firmly believe in our capability and expertise to serve smart city & safe city projects in India. We trust in the social impact of these projects and the value proposition that Mirasys can bring to achieve this. We are working towards serving the next phase of Smart City & Safe city projects in India”, concludes Arindam Das Sarkar, Co-founder and CEO, Mirasys India Pvt Ltd.

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