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The Mirasys Hardware product selection combines the Mirasys software VMS with carefully selected components specifically designed for the video surveillance market. These ready-to-use Qubes, Servers and Workstations provide excellent performance, cost-effectiveness and quality built deliberately for the Mirasys VMS.


With up to 2000Mbps throughput you are able to have more camera’s on one single server minimizing power consumption and rack space.  Up to 384TB of storage in one single server you are able to record your images for weeks without worrying disk failure due to it’s raid configuration.


All Qubes, Servers and Workstations come pre-loaded with the Mirasys VMS to create an easy plug-and-play installation.

Mirasys Hardware products


Mirasys Workstation Servers

Base Servers

The Mirasys Base Qube and Base 1U server range has been designed to provide standalone server solution for small sized installation, with max. 300Mbps throughput and up to 16TB of on-board storage (JBOD).


Mirasys Management Servers

The Mirasys NVR Medium and High Management server has been optimised for critical databasing applications. They are designed for medium to large sized solutions with separate storage servers.


Mirasys Storage Servers

Professional Servers

The Mirasys Pro Qube and Pro NVR 1US/2UG server range has been designed to provide standalone server solution for medium sized installation, with max. 500Mbps for the Pro Qube and 600Mbps for the Pro NVR 1US/2UG throughput and up to 40TB of on-board storage (JBOD for Pro Qube and RAID 5 for Pro NVR 1US/2UG server).


Mirasys Remote Workstation 

The Mirasys Qube and High-Performance Remote Workstations have designed for 27/7 operation for multi-monitor viewing stations.


Mirasys Storage Servers

Enterprise Servers

The Mirasys NVR Enterprise server range has been designed to provide standalone server solution for large sized installation, with max. 750Mbps for the NVR Enterprise

Medium, 1500Mbps for the NVR Enterprise High and 2000Mbps for the NVR Enterprise Ultra throughput and up to 176TB of on-board storage (RAID 5 + hotspare / RAID 50 +


For acquiring effective hardware for your project, please contact Mirasys Team to advise the hardware specifications.

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