Search for people on analytical profiles in multiple cameras, speed up your forensic investigation.

Mirasys Easy LPR -laajennus on VMS Spotter -lisätuote, joka tarjoaa kamerapohjaisen rekisterintunnituksen, joka automatisoi rekisterikilpien tunnistamiseen perustuvat prosessit.



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Find a person in multiple sites


Improves incident response time


Enhances forensic investigations

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Intelligent Person Search

  • Adjust minimum similarity and detection confidence to improve your search results.​

  • Narrow down your search by selecting the best image of a person.​

  • No need for defining person properties​

  • Leave the search running for multiple live cameras to find if a wanted person appears in real-time.​

Faster Response Time​

  • Search all persons or a specific person from 1 or any of your system cameras.​

  • Search from the live view or recorded materials.​

  • Search in other cameras what you see in one camera.​

  • Change your search speed up to 64 times.​

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Image by Van Tay Media

Enhance Forensic Investigation

  • Export selected recordings to a single video file with an optional digital watermark.

  • Add evidence footage to your storyboard for documenting an event sequence over multiple cameras.

  • Let the system search by itself over long periods.

Bolstered  by Mirasys Solutions

  • No additional server load for extensive person search.​

  • Person search can be used by any Mirasys VMS Spotter​

  • Person search plugin is a user license based​.

  • Combine the person search plugin with other plugins to optimize your workspace.​

  • Take advantage of the Mirasys hardware catalogue for optimising your Person Search plugin.​

Image by Adi Goldstein

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