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RIP Windows 7. If you haven’t upgraded yet your CCTV system to Windows 10, follow these simple steps.

Don’t upgrade on-site, off-site is the safest option Running an upgrade like this can creates a whole new file structure in your PC which can cause driver issues in the future. Windows can use old windows 7 drivers in the new windows 10 install and then they won’t be updated in any future updates. So we recommend doing these changes off-site in order to guarantee that the upgrade will be a completely new windows 10 install from scratch. You can keep the video storage with JBOD discs and if the same RAID controller is used no data is lost due to upgrade.

Get a new server swap: We recommend purchasing a small number of pre-built license swap out servers ready to use, then remove each server, put them in a workshop, and upgrade them.

Upgrade to VMS 8 This moment is a good opportunity to upgrade your VMS to version 8 as the machine will be off-site then you can replace the old storage drives for new ones.

Your system is a hybrid installation In this case, it is not necessary to update to Windows 10 as the PC has own capture card for analogue cameras. If you want to update, we recommend using IP encoder for supporting analogue cameras.

If you have any doubt or need support, please contact a Mirasys’ specialist. 

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