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Detect. Alert. Respond

Mirasys Carbon Video Analytics enhance your overall security by analysing surveillance video in real time and improving incident response. It enables seamless integration of any type of third party VCA solution - with camera stabilisation, object classification and enter/exit, direction, stopping, dwell time, speed filtering - whether running in the edge, network or recorder with no change in the Mirasys VMS.

Built-in VCA for cost-effective and advanced protection

Mirasys Carbon Video Content Analytics offers two built-in VCA package for both analogue and IP camera – counting and full VCA. The counting package allows the users to set object counts based on object classification and movement direction to help to evaluate and improve your security system performance.

Easy configuration and data searching

Analytics meta-data is captured through XML-configurable network interfaces, harmonised and checked against the alarm rules. Finally the data is stored into an open database for later search and retrieval.

The platform employs a graphical configuration tool for camera calibration and generating the zones, lines and rules for VCA events.

Integrate all your security products into our easy to use, customisable interface

Mirasys Spotter for Windows and iPhone, iPad and Android, is simple to set up, customise, search and export. Any user can use this interface as it’s so intuitive. Clear high quality images; with a single tap you can zoom into detail, or send a snapshot via email. Create virtual views, multi-screen video walls with dynamic screen layouts. You can access video and data across multiple sites and with multiple users and integrate all of your security systems like Access Control and Intruder Detection. You choose where, when and how; Mirasys Spotter for Windows or access data anytime, anywhere via iPhone, ipad and Android.



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