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Cost-effective. Accurate. Flexible

Mirasys Carbon ANPR is a feature rich automatic number plate recognition solution ideal for parking, vehicle entry and access control systems. Extremely scalable and easy integration with existing systems, it meets the requirements of both small and large scale business applications.

Cost-effective management of vehicle access

Any camera connected to the Carbon ANPR system can be assigned to recognise visible number plates. The system supports a wide range of IP cameras giving you the chance to select the best yet not the most expensive technology on the market. Allowing easy management of multiple cameras, Mirasys Carbon ANPR ensures wide coverage of the sites and at the same time reduces the installation and maintenance costs.

The best accuracy on the market

The recognition engine is the hearth of the system. Highly accurate, it combines with further application level optimisation to avoid misreading.

Flexible and easy to use

Extremely configurable, Mirasys Carbon ANPR allows the creation of various scenarios for number plate logging, entry and exit controls, and limited access controls through both black and white lists. Entry and exit rights can be granted or denied through a configurable web management application. The users can enter license plates manually or by selecting automatically detected license registers. Multiple users can have rights to create and maintain different access rules, allowing high flexibility and customisation.


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